Sierra Smith

Director of Research & Development


Sierra Smith is a sustainability research scientist with a background in freshwater ecology, water recycling, and research and development. Sierra has conducted numerous conservation and sustainability studies focused on climate change and pollution effects on freshwater ecosystems. She is now the Director of Research and Development for Perca where she studies the Perca vermifiltration system to better understand the biological mechanisms and optimization capabilities associated with specific contaminant removal from wastewater effluent.

Other Team Members

Our team boasts a combined 20 years of experience in worm-based wastewater treatment across various industries, including agriculture, wineries, and food processing. This experience allows us to provide our clients with unparalleled knowledge and expertise.

Russell V. Davis

President & CEO

Jerad Ashbeck

Field and Operations Manager

Kim Swopes

Office Manager

Dr. George A. Damoff

Chief Science Officer